my christmas/winter favourites

Movie – Love Actually

I think this scene reflects just how adorable this movie is for a sappy gal like me! Buy it HERE.


Drink – Starbucks Caramel Brûlé Latte

Sugary Sweetness! Great description HERE.

Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte

Candle – Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel

While I am a sucker for MOST holiday scented candles, this one is classic and makes me smile! Get it HERE.

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Song – Extraordinary Merry Christmas (Glee version)

Such a cute song, and *cough* Darren Criss sings it ❤


Chocolate – Ferrero Rocher

Hazlenut chocolate treats… need I say more? Get them HERE.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate


Accessory – Ear Muffs

As with many other winter accessories, these can come in so many different colours, fabrics and designs! But I am partial to these because they are also the cutest!!!

Pink Heart Ear Muffs

Character – Snowman

Seeing a snowman makes me smile. I love them in all sorts of styles, cartoon or real!

Cute Snowmen


Commercial – Arctic Party by Coca Cola

Basically anything polar bear and I am weak in the knees!


What are your holiday/winter favourites? Leave a comment & let me know!



ootd // stay warm

This is the first time in two years that I sucked it up and purchased a new jacket. I usually avoid it at all costs, because I can never find anything stylish and affordable in person, plus my body shape is really hard to buy for from online (bigger hips, smaller upper body). I have been managing with my favourite grey winter jacket that doesn’t do up anymore, or my leather jacket, BUT I saw this amazingly adorable jacket in the nicest colour on the Modcloth website and took the plunge!

I also have never really owned a pair of more practical winter boots. I have always had the super casual “fake uggs” or the nicer knee high boots that take an army to get over my calves. This year I got myself a pair of more in between ankle boots, in a not so typical colour, with really cozy sweater cuffs from Modcloth.

This outfit was put together to basically show off the above-noted two items because I really really loved them and was so pleased!

The jacket is a 3x (because I wasn’t sure of the sizing) and its a little too loose for my liking. However, it will be perfect when it gets colder to layer a bulky sweater underneath for extra warmth. The material is fairly thin, but definitely kept the wind out and kept me warm in the fall temperatures. And come on, that hood is soooo cute and I even adore the cross body zipper! Pair that with pockets that I can actually get my hands into, the rich and beautiful colour and the “peplum” shape to the jacket and I am seriously in love! Pear shaped ladies, this jacket was made for us.

The boots are really warm. I was worried about them being able to get over my wider ankles, but they fit me really nice and snug without being too tight (hallelujah). I did notice that the suede gets marked up fairly easily and thats not good for a clumbsy girl like me, but any marks I created were pretty easily buffed out. Also, this is not a fault of the footwear itself but more my own weird feet issue, but one of the boots is a little uncomfortable and tighter than the other… which I think has to do with my one foot being a half size bigger/my fallen arches not being used to an actually supported boot! Overall, they are very nice quality boots that will go with almost any outfit.

Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth Winter Plus Size OOTD Modcloth

Jacket // Modcloth in 3x

Jeans // Torrid in 24S

Boots // Modcloth in 9.5

Scarf // Yours Clothing (purchased last year)


Do you like this winter look? Let me know in the comments below!


cozy & cute winter accessories

The first big snow storm of the season has finally hit us here in good old Hamilton and I am feeling all kinds of cozy & warm inside watching the snow fall outside. But once that snow has fallen, I am going to want to go outside and play a little, which has inspired this post! These are some of my favourite winter outdoor accessories of the moment that I hope Santa will be good enough to deliver to me this Christmas! (even if Santa is code for myself lol) The prices aren’t too unreasonable either!

Once again, these are just my style choices and yours could be totally different, but either way let me know what you think of what I have collected!

Fashion to Figure Winter Hat Sparkle All The Way White Gold

Fashion to Figure – Sparkle All The Way Pompom Hat

$16.90 / Sale: $10.14 (Monday Only)


Modcloth Winter Plaid Scarf Yellow Blue White

Modcloth – Willamette for the Weekend Scarf in Saffron



Ardene Black White Bow Winter Gloves

Ardene – Bow Magic Gloves

$9.50 (buy 1 get one $5)



Woman Within – Wide Width Cable Knit Scarf

$29.99 / Sale: $19.99 (Monday Only)



Muk Luks – Women’s Textured Diamond Potholder Mittens



Torrid Black Winter Knit Hat Pompom

Torrid – Faux Fur Pom Beanie



Old Navy Winter Scarf Black White

Old Navy – Jacquard Fringe Scarf for Women



Happy shopping 🙂

ootd // bookworm belle

I could not wait to shoot this outfit at the library this past month. I used to spend my summers in a summer camp program at the library when I was younger and this definitely was nostalgic for me!  I don’t read as much as I used to though (I need to remedy that stat).

Pair the above with the fact that I love the mustard yellow colour thats super popular in the fall and my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, I thought I would do an inspired look for this setting.  Basically, I had all the feels pretending to be my own version of Belle in this adorable sweater from Modcloth!

The sweater tunic was super comfortable and warm. The turtleneck was a little too big for my liking, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that I hated it. I also adored the pockets in the front!

The leggings are super comfortable, stretchy but with some firmness around the tummy and NOT see-through (praise the lord).

The accessories were all purchased at one time, with my main mission to find a velvet black bow and the rest sorta fell into place. They were all very comfortable and cute to wear.

Plus Size Yellow Sweater Dress Modcloth Plus Size Yellow Sweater Dress Modcloth Plus Size Yellow Sweater Dress Modcloth Plus Size Yellow Sweater Dress Modcloth Plus Size Yellow Sweater Dress Modcloth

Sweater // Modcloth (no longer available)

Leggings // Torrid

Shoes & Accessories // Ardene [bow similar, flats]


ootd // troublemaker feels

Who else loves that casual outfit vibe? Well I was feeling mighty chill & a bit saucy in this grey and black ensemble and wanted to share how cute it looked! I adore this Troublemaker tank from Torrid and these brand new fall boots from Modcloth! It was a spur of the moment OOTD idea, but let me know what you think in the comments below!

Top – Torrid – 3x (Similar)

Sweater – Penningtons – 2x (Similar)

Jeans – Torrid Black Jegging – 26 Short

Boots – Modcloth – 9.5 (Similar)

plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-01 plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-02 plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-03 plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-04 plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-05 plus-size-fashion-torrid-troublemaker-06

make me up // my everyday makeup look

smashbox photo finish primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This is one of my favourite steps, whether its a basic makeup look, or more detailed, as it truly helps even out my skin tone and gives a smooth service to go over with foundation/concealer. I particularly like this primer as it feels lightweight almost immediately after applying it!


maybelline better skin concealer

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector (in Ivory)

I use a more full coverage concealer on my more “natural” days as it allows me to cover blemishes, redness and dark circles without putting it entirely ALL over. I have found this particular concealer to be wonderful for covering everything I mentioned and it lasts a fairly long while, unless im excessively sweating or get my face wet, and even then its usually just my blemishes that need a tiny touch up!


maybelline mineral powder

Maybelline Natural Perfecting Mineral Powder Foundation (in Classic Ivory)

I could not live without my powder! It evens me out, makes me look flawless and even brightens up my face! I have enjoyed this particular powder for a few years now and it lasts me a long time as I don’t use a ton of it on my face.  I retouch the powder slightly about one to two times a day depending on what I am up to.


tarte park avenue princess palette

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Contour Palette Vol. 2 (Blush)

This is something I only started doing in the last year because I always thought my cheeks were rosy enough. Turns out I was wrong and just adding a tiny touch of blush on my chipmunk cheeks gives a lovely flushed look, instead of just a plain pale face. I have been using my Tarte Pallete for this step and have enjoyed the results thus far.


benefit roller lash mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Super Curling + Lifting Mascara

I tend to go through different mascaras (usually sample ones) but lately have been absolutely loving the Roller Lash Mascara I got as a sample. It gives me wonderful length and separation to create a beautiful natural lash finish. It is not waterproof and smudges if I lay down, but otherwise it doesn’t flake at all and is wearable for long periods of time.


revlon colourburst matt balm

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm Stick (in Elusive)

For my everyday lip I go for a matte balm in the colour Elusive. The colour is just so pretty! It is a nude like pink. I do have to reapply this whenever I eat, as it is not long wear, but I don’t mind!
beauty blogger

So this is basically what I look like on most days when I leave the house. I enjoy the ability to just touch up your face slightly for a more polished look while still appearing very natural. Let me know what you think and if you’ve used these products before and how you got on with them!