outfit of the day // vacation looks (richmond, va)

I recently visited my friend in Richmond, VA & I will have a post recapping all the fun times this coming Friday so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I wanted to share all of the outfits I put together for all the things we had planned.  These were not taken professionally & are just shots on my S7.

First night was centered around an adorable hotel called Quirk Hotel. I dressed up for this night because we had a drink on the rooftop bar!


I am wearing a dress from Forever 21, necklace from Torrid & shoes from Christian Siriano.

Second afternoon we visited Maymont & did lots of walking around. I knew it was going to be warm out so shorts were a must (the chub rub didn’t even get me until close to the end – phew!) & just a cute top to go with it.


I am wearing a top from Forever 21 & shorts from Torrid.

Second night was exploring shops & dinner in Carytown so I wanted to be comfortable enough to walk around but also fancy enough to go for a nice dinner.


I am wearing a top from Addition Elle, jeans from Torrid, ring from Shop Miss A & shoes from Wal-mart.

Third morning was spent at his rooftop pool!


I am wearing a bikini from Forever 21.

Third afternoon/night we visited the state capital so I wanted to be comfortable with walking but also look kinda sexy for a “double date” we had later that night at a vegan restaurant & music venue.


I am wearing jeans and top from Torrid & choker from ASOS.

Last day was super lazy as I was a little burnt out but I did want to see the river. I knew I had to wear something more “nature” friendly hence the super casual look.


I am wearing bralette, top & leggings from Torrid.

&& that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this kind of post as it sure was fun for me!

Note:  Most clothing links above are of similar but not the same items.  Other items in the above photos are as follows: sunglasses from Torrid, bag from Christian Siriano & walking shoes are Champion from Payless.  Red lipstick is NARS & pink lipstick is MAC.



feelin’ pretty // simple glam lavender makeup

90% of the time I wear no makeup or just concealer & mascara, but that other 10% I like to get slightly more glam (especially for photo shoots)! I am definitely not a pro but have come a long way in terms of my makeup skills.

I recently did an outfit shoot & a lot of people liked the makeup I had on so I thought I would make a little post detailing the main makeup components of that look!

But first let me take a selfie.


Okay so it is a little hard to see, but if you look closely I have used a light lavender shade of purple to line the under eye area. I think this shade really brightens up the eyes & is a very soft glam touch paired against the dramatic lashes.  I draw under my eye with the pencil and it usually gets into the lashes (any tips to avoid this are welcome!) so after applying it I just run my fingertips over them to slide off the purple & pop on a tiny bit of mascara to the bottom lashes.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lavender – $4.50 US


Kara Eyelashes in #05 – $1.00 US


*I buy these from ShopMissA

For the cheeks, I pair a trio of pinks blended together on the apples and blend to my hairline.  Then I pop on a little highlighter right above that to almost the corner of my outer eye using a fan brush.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow – $38.00 CAD


Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit in Fair – $7.00 US


*not available in Canada but I found it at Ulta in the US

Lastly, for the lips I just slightly over draw the upper lip and fill the rest with a muted rosey tinted pink matte lipstick.

Mac Matte Lipstick in Please Me – $22.00 CAD


&& that is it folks! What do you think of this look?

creating a bucket list

I hadn’t heard of doing something like this, nor had I even thought about it, until that movie starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman came out back in 2007.  Since then I had always made a mental list of things I wanted to do but during my mental health journey have realized that getting all those amazing things I want to do down on paper really helps me think about making them a reality!

Personally, I think your bucket list should include absolutely whatever would bring your soul joy whether that is something you have to save for or something you can accomplish in your day to day life.  These can be things super specific to you or could come from a generic list of ideas that you can find just by using google.

For some their list may be long & include adventurous ideas, while others may be more simple.  There is no wrong way to live your life (unless its full of hate of course) so don’t be discouraged if what you want to do/accomplish/see is not as grand as someone else!

I am always adding to my list or ticking things off my list, but the following is what I have on it as of today.



  • live in Ireland for a month
  • explore Astoria, OR, where The Goonies was filmed
  • do The Walking Dead tours in Atlanta, GA
  • drive across Canada
  • watch a baseball game at Wrigley’s Field in Chicago
  • drive up to Muskoka in the fall to see the leaves
  • go to Italy for my honeymoon
  • have a picnic at the Scarborough Bluffs
  • hike in Tobermory
  • see the Northern Lights



  • swim with polar bears
  • eat a molecular gastronomy dinner
  • go zip lining
  • walk a suspension bridge
  • do a colour run
  • be an extra on a tv show or film
  • have my makeup done as a zombie
  • go on a meditation retreat
  • attend a murder mystery dinner
  • go geocaching
  • sleep in a castle
  • eat at one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants
  • go on a whiskey tasting tour
  • meet david tennant, norman reedus, nathan fillion



  • own a dog
  • be a mother
  • make a difference in a child’s life
  • colour my hair lavender
  • fall in love
  • get a tattoo
  • volunteer at a shelter
  • grow a fruit/vegetable garden
  • own a home in the country



  • learn Italian
  • learn to swing dance
  • learn archery
  • take a baking class
  • learn how to make sushi
  • take a photography class


What are some of the things you have on your list? Let me know in the comments!

outfit of the day // pretty little thing

I have gone a few months without purchasing anything new for my wardrobe (because I have A LOT already) & when going through my closet found this purple lace dress I got from Torrid a few years ago.

It was my absolute favourite dress at the time but for some reason I stopped wearing it.   So this week I wanted to do a post honouring this pretty little dress!


• • • • •

Photos by Robbi McLeod Photography

donut monster hamilton [vegan options]

Have you heard of Donut Monster before? If you haven’t, they are definitely something all Hamilton foodies should check out!

Find all the details below, as well as my first impressions of one of their vegan donuts.


WHO ARE THEY? Donut Monster

WHAT DO THEY MAKE?  Small-batch, from-scratch donuts with unique flavour combinations.

WHERE CAN I FIND THEM?  Available at the following retailers:

WHEN CAN I BUY THEM?  Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

HOW MUCH ARE THEY?  $3.15 each

FLAVOURS:  They have 6 different/new options every week; below are some they’ve made this summer.

Vegan – Double Coconut, Blueberry Pistachio, Strawberry Filled, Matcha Bomb, Raspberry Habanero, Lavender Sugar, Cherry Bourbon Fritter, Tropical Tea, Lemon Poppy Strawberry, Rhubarb Fritter, Cocoa Espresso, Strawberry Vanilla, Cinnamon Spice, Coconut Curry

Non-Vegan – Cherry Cheesecake Bullseye, Caramel Pretzel,  Honey & Lime Sweet Corn Fritter, Brown Butter Walnut, Maple Nut Filled, Orange Chocolate Crumble



The closest retailer to me is the Cannon Coffee Co. I went on a Thursday morning & the only vegan donut that appealed to me was the Lavender Sugar (mostly because it was purple).

In my opinion, the donut was HUGE, very fresh & worth every penny. I enjoyed how thick yet soft & doughy it was because it really filled me up. The amount of sugar on the outside of the donut was not overpowering at all & a welcome change to most donuts you find at bakeries.

If I am being honest though, I probably wouldn’t get this one again simply because of the Lavender. I think you either love the taste or hate the taste & despite me adoring the scent of lavender, the taste kind of threw me off.


When going vegan (or dairy free in my case) you have to slightly adjust your expectations with how things are going to taste. You aren’t going to have a sugar coma after this donut but will feel very satisfied & curious to try more flavours next time.

I will 110% be back to try more – so keep up the amazing work Donut Monster!

Find Donut Monster on social media @ Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


my daily positive affirmations

One of the tools I try to practice every day, since getting myself on this mental health healing journey, are positive affirmations. I really struggle with self-love & feeling worthy of good things occasionally so I tried to choose affirmations that would help me with that.

Sometimes I read them over in my head a few times. Sometimes I read them out loud with my eyes closed. And other times I look myself in the eyes in the mirror as I say them a few times. I don’t think there is any one correct way to do these but rather do what feels most comfortable for you.

There are hundreds of affirmations all over the internet for you to choose from (or you can make your own) so if you feel that what I am listing below doesn’t apply to you or help you in any way, there is likely to be other ones out there for you to try.


I am grateful for all that I have.

I am worthy of love no matter where I am at in life.

I believe in myself.

I am a unique & beautiful soul.

I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I forgive myself & set myself free.

I am growing and changing for the better.

I love the person I am becoming.

I am never alone. The universe supports me and is with me at every step.

I deserve all that is good.


How do you feel about practicing positive affirmations? Is this something you would try? Leave a comment & let me know!

birthday freebies twenty seventeen

My birthday just passed (August 18th for future reference :P) & I figured it would be kinda fun to do a round up of the birthday freebies I got this year. I typically just share the images on social media but in this post I am going to include how YOU can also get all this stuff for free when your birthday comes around!




What You Get:  A FREE mini beauty gift. **I got a Tarte mini duo!**


How You Get It:  Sign up to be a Beauty Insider online or in store.

How Long To Redeem:  The month of your birthday.

How To Redeem:  Show your Sephora Card, physical or in the App, in store or add to cart with another item to redeem online.




What You Get:  A FREE beverage. **I got a shaken peach/white tea lemonade!**


How You Get It:  Sign up with a Starbucks Card for Starbucks Rewards online or in the App.

How To Redeem:  Show your Starbucks Card or App in store.

How Long To Redeem:  Added approximately 2 days before your birthday & expires the day after your birthday.





What You Get:  A FREE build your own breakfast meal. **I got bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns & rye toast!**


How You Get It/How To Redeem:  Show your ID at the restaurant.

How Long To Redeem:  The day of your birthday.




What You Get:  A FREE buffet dinner. **I think their salad bar is pretty bomb!**

How You Get It/How To Redeem:  Show your ID at the restaurant.

How Long To Redeem:  The day of your birthday.



Booster Juice

What You Get:  A FREE regular size smoothie.  *I got a watermelon explosion w. energy booster!**


How You Get It:  Sign up for Booster Nation.

How To Redeem:  Show the coupon code in store.

How Long To Redeem:  6 months including your birthday month.



Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

What You Get:  A FREE cupcake.  *I got a vanilla bean one!**


How You Get It/How To Redeem:  Show your ID at the store.

How Long To Redeem:  The day of your birthday.



Boston Pizza

What You Get:  A FREE dessert.  *I got the Panookie!**


How You Get It:  Sign up for My BP.

How To Redeem:  Log into your My BP account & give the 3 digit code to your server.

How Long To Redeem:  A week after your birthday.



Jack Astor’s

What You Get:  A FREE dessert.  *I got the Caramel Dream!**


How You Get It:  Sign up for the VV V.I.P. Club online.

How To Redeem:  Show the email you receive with the bar code at the restaurant.

How Long To Redeem:  A month & a half after your birthday.


What do think of all this awesome FREE stuff? Are you going to sign up to get some of it? If so, what appeals to you? or if you know of something I missed but might enjoy, what do you recommend? Leave me some comment love ❤